Do you need professional photos in a seller’s market?

If you’re in the business of selling houses, you know how great it is to be a seller’s agent. The buyers are coming to you and, usually, once you’re under contract you’ve got a little less work between you and your closing. Everyone wants to be the seller agent, but once you’re there how do you determine what types of advertising to spend your money on? As real estate photographers, we see every approach. Some agents take their own photos while others pay for the full suite of photo, video, print advertising, and sometimes more! So the real question is whether or not to get professional photos done if you’re certain the property will sell quickly?

Our opinion is yes. Providing professional photography for your client provides a number of benefits and it’ll help provide value for your services. With professional photography you’re inviting referrals your way while building your portfolio. Here’s a few reasons to hire a pro photographer even if the neighborhood is selling quickly.

Produce The Best Marketing Materials

You’re marketing your next listing one way or the other. Even if you’re simply putting it online through your local MLS, images of your listing are going out to everyone! Some firms even provide paid print advertising for their agents, meaning yet another more targeted point of contact with potential buyers. All these advertising avenues are begging for professionally photographed homes. You wouldn’t expect to see your favorite clothing brand send you a flier with amateur photos, why should you provide the same? A majority of buyers find their homes online, and the best way to ensure visibility is by producing high end photos to draw their attention.

Provide Value

The hardest part about separating yourself out from other real estate agents is finding a way to provide value. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to do so is by providing photos for all listings and videos for your best listings to show sellers you’re dedicated to selling their home. This dedication to your clients is a major opportunity for a referral. Once your clients see how serious you took the sale of their home by providing the appropriate professionals to get their home sold they’ll accredit the success of the sale to you, and hopefully refer you to their friends. Everything you can do to provide value produces another reason for a referral, and with photography generally being an affordable and necessary tool it makes the most sense to start there.

Build Your Portfolio

As an agent you always have to be looking forward to your next client and your next sale. Hiring a professional real estate photographer now provides you with high quality images for your portfolio to show future clients the caliber of your work. You’re not jut an agent, you’re a marketing professional. As such, you need a portfolio that will generate deep trust with potential sellers. Even in a seller’s market with sellers who don’t see the benefit in professional photos, you’ll want to display your work in the best possible light. Many agents use the photos we create for them on their website, business cards, flyers, handouts, blogs, social media, and more! They’re constantly producing a stream of QUALITY work to show potential new clients how much they’re worth.

Sellers Expect It

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a real estate photographer even in a seller’s market is because sellers expect it. People take pride in their homes, and when they see their neighbor’s home being sold with professional photos, they want the same treatment. Many sellers are buyers themselves, and they are savvy enough to recognize that good photos are what’s drawing them into particular houses. Professional/quality photos are the industry standard in real estate33 now, and sellers know it.

When a service provides so many benefits, it seems like an easy decision. One thing we love about shooting real estate is that it’s a service that sells itself. Agents and consumers alike realize the difference professional photos make, and they expect them of their agents. By providing next-level service, agents are able to provide additional value and gain referrals and repeat customers. It’s a win-win which produces successful agents and happy clients. Definitely consider building your real estate business on professional photos!