Virtual Tours During A Pandemic

We’re a couple weeks into the Mecklenburg County Stay At Home Order. A recent amendment to the order has clarified what we hoped for: agents can still hire their photographers to create virtual tours, photos, and videos. Luckily, we have had the opportunity to create quite a few in preparation and leading up to the amendment for local agents, who are reporting lots of positive feedback!

Here are just a few of the tours we created recently and what their agents had to say about them!

Under Contract With A Virtual Tour

Ashley Richardson called us out to update her listing with a virtual tour. We’d already photographed the house previously, but with an impending county-wide lockdown, her sellers were getting a little nervous. Having done a Matterport tour for her in the past, she knew what she wanted and we headed out as quickly as possible to create a tour for her listing.

Fast forward… less than a week! And she already had some interested buyers. Her sellers were impressed with the 3d tour, and so were the sellers. With these resources, Ashley was able to come to terms and get her sellers under contract on their home!

Coming Back, Adding A Scan, Getting Contracts

Michael runs TSG Residential in Davidson, NC and he’s had us out to photograph and scan many properties over the years. This particular property was listed before the pandemic began, and he called us out to create a virtual tour right before our Stay At Home Order began.

Truth be told, we were booked up that day and were running on all cylinders. However, when I noticed a little time between shoots and happened to be near his listing, I decided to give it a shot. We had to move some things around slightly, but luckily everyone was flexible and we were able to actually stay on schedule while fitting in his listing as well.

Coming back and scanning a property we have already photographed happens from time to time. Usually it’s not because of a worldwide pandemic, but it’s a great way to freshen up a listing and offer new chances to your sellers.

Unique Floorplan In A Unique Selling Environment

When we originally photographed this house, I was immediately intrigued. I love unique houses with a different feel to them, and Churchill was no exception. There were long windowed corridors to octagon shaped living areas, and no shortage of personality. It’s one of those houses you just have to see to believe… but when Mecklenubrg County issued a Stay At Home Order, it threatened the showings for this listing.

That’s when Jess Martin asked us to scan several of her listings the day before the order went into effect. It was a long day, but we were able to get everything scheduled and complete them. This was the first of the three listings, and we think you’ll agree that the tour shows off this house like nothing else can.

“A Must Have During These Difficult Times”

Before making this tour, we had not met Farrah Biggerstaff. Actually, we still haven’t thanks to property social distancing! We met online in one of the Charlotte Realtor Facebook pages and she asked us to help her with a listing in my parent’s neighborhood.

The sellers were about to go list their house and things were beginning to ramp up in our area, with a pending Stay At Home Order due the following day. After adding her to the calendar and working with her sellers to get in and out, we made photos and a virtual tour for her listing.

Afterwards we asked Farrah for her thoughts on the tour and, to our surprise, she told us the tour was a “must have” for her and her sellers! We’re really grateful to have had the opportunity to provide an essential service for her to hopefully help out in a tough situation. 

Virtual Tours For Builders

Saussy Burbank is one of the Carolina’s leading home builders. We’ve had the good fortune to do a lot of work for them over the years in their Charlotte and Lake Norman markets. They have employed virtual tours in the past, but when Charlotte finally issued a Stay At Home Order, they decided it was time to step up their collection of tours.

Advertising on their website, they have been using the Matterport tours as a selling point. Telling potential buyers that they’re operating fully virtually (and now they are!), they’re able to direct a lot of traffic to their virtual tours. For builders, Matterport tours are a fantastic way to showcase individual units, or even floor plans as a whole. We’re even able to embed content to illustrate what finishing options are available for buyers!

A Tour On Lake Norman

The view alone is enough to sell this cute condo on Lake Norman, but when sellers aren’t able to tour it, Jess Martin was looking for a solution. Along with the two other tours we created for her on “Stay At Home Eve”, we scanned this adorable little condo.

A few things stand out about this fantastic tour. First, it’s a smaller property than what people typically think of when considering Matterport. We always tell people that smaller properties are still fantastic for Matterport, especially when they look this good! Not only can viewers take measurements, but they can see the awesome layout and custom work this condo has going on. And the second is the ability to walk out on the deck and see the beautiful view the new owners will enjoy looking out over Lake Norman. 

Updated With A 3D Tour

We had previously photographed this gem for Therese Moreley just a short time before Coronavirus began taking hold in our community. Once there was a sense that we might get shut down for a bit, she reached out about creating a virtual tour for her listing. Luckily we got her on the schedule a few days before the quarantine, and were able to update her listing with a Matterport virtual tour!

All The Amenities, With A Virtual Tour

The adage “save the best for last” probably fits well here. Again, working with Jess Martin, we scanned this large house, including the awesome pool and poorhouse. Exterior scans aren’t easy with the Matterport platform, but we were able to schedule the project for the exact right time of day and make it look great.

Take a stroll around the pool, or through this unique, luxurious home. We were really proud to hear that the sellers of this property were in love with their virtual tour. Now potential buyers can enjoy the benefit of touring through this house at their own pace, as well as taking second or third showings any time of the day! 

Schedule A Matterport

We’re running a 10% price decrease on all Matterport packages for as long as the Stay At Home Order lasts. That’s how much we believe in Matterport, it’s the safest and best way to market a listing right now.