Aerial Photography & Cinematography

sUAS photography and videography is taking the skies by storm. Everyone from real estate agents to small businesses from hobbyists to professionals are utilizing aerial drone photography to see their world from a completely new perspective. With FAA licensed and NC D.O.T. permitted drone pilots, ProLocal strives to produce the best drone photos and videos possible. If you’re looking to market a listing or get some videos from the skies, we’re eager to get out and shoot.

Aerial Cinematography

Drone video is a highly coveted way to see the world. With the proliferation of high quality cameras and incredible drone technology, we’re able to see our world in brand new ways! At ProLocal, these new opportunities excite us and we embrace any opportunity we have to utilize the latest and greatest. High definition and 4k drone video is sure to help you sell your next listing, showcase your product or service, inspect a building, monitor construction or otherwise make an awesome video! Get in touch today to learn more about how to incorporate aerial cinematography into your next project!

Aerial Photography

Popular for real estate, construction, commercial venues, wedding venues, farming, and tons of other uses, aerial drone photography has unlocked a completely new perspective with added accessibility. Before sUAS drone photography became widely accessible, we’d have to employ the services of airplane and helicopter pilots to get an elevated view. Today drone photography makes it easier than ever to create extraordinary content from the air. ProLocal drone pilots have undergone the proper training and hold a Part 107 certification from the FAA as well as the NC DOT permit, we insure each project individually to provide the best service possible.

Schedule Drone Photography Today!

We are generally available to schedule aerial drone photos and videos 24 hours or longer in advance.