Charlotte Videography And Films

Real Estate Films

Provide value to your clients with a professional real estate film. We film residential and commercial properties, as well as under construction buildings and more. When you rely on referrals, like most agents do, it’s important to provide as much value to your clients as possible, and there are few better ways to do that than with professional videos. This finished film will not only help sell your listing even faster by displaying the added value of the property to potential buyers and showing more than photos can, but it also works as a value proposition for your clients. Agents who employ professional photographers and videographers often enjoy winning their listing appointments and receiving referrals from existing clients. Once the listing is closed, hold onto the video and use it in your portfolio to show future clients just how far you’re willing to go to sell their home!

Commercial Business Films

In addition to real estate, we also produce films for small and large businesses. Commercial business films range from internal training videos and informational videos to social media and customer-facing content. We can consult to help in setting up a YouTube page or video blog and we can produce finished products for online, in office, or broadcast use. If you don’t have a vision, we can help to develop one for you as well as find voiceover artists or on-screen talent if needed. Most of these projects end up being custom, and we love adjusting our approach as needed for every occasion.

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