Charlotte real estate photography

We are excited to be offering Charlotte Real Estate Photography in Concord, Davidson, Mooresville, Lake Norman area, Huntersville and beyond! ProLocal is is ready to make your next listing really stand out with over 11 years of professional photography experience! Real estate photography is a huge factor in selling homes and commercial real estate quickly and for a greater profit. Studies have shown professional real estate photography to be one of the fastest and most affordable ways to sell.

Not only can realtors wow their potential sellers with the fact that they are having professional photos and videos done of their listing, they can also wow potential buyers! So many homes on the market feature amateur photography by non-photographers or hobbyists. Realtors often make the mistake of photographing their own listings, therefore making homes with professional images really stick out online. When you’ve got just a few moments to make an impression, standing out can mean the difference between having another showing or not.

Experienced In Real Estate Photography

At ProLocal, we constantly strive to learn the best techniques and approaches. We are experience in harsh sunlight of Florida and developed a style that easily translates to the North Carolina climate. Photographers often struggle to balance the light outside a window with the darker tones inside. Therefore, with a slightly less harsh contrast, North Carolina has proven the perfect next location for our business!

Our family was drawn to the close proximity to the Smoky Mountains and seemingly endless amenities of the Greater Charlotte Area. So, we decided to move our family to a brand new place! We’re totally new to Charlotte and are able to see it from a fresh pair of eyes. Because we chose this area for it’s beauty and accessibility, it’s been an absolute joy to photograph. Inspired by the architecture and landscape of the area, we are more than ready to start shooting your listings today!

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