ProLocal Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours

ProLocal is so excited to announce we are now offering 3D Virtual Tours via Matterport 3D Showcase! This technology is going to change the industry and we believe it will be the industry standard before too long. ProLocal has been watching the technology for several years waiting for it to be perfected and mainstream enough before we wanted to invest in it, and it’s finally there! Matterport 3D Showcases are perfect for commercial & residential listings, vacation rentals, small businesses, wedding and vacation venues, cultural heritage sites, and so much more!

Some of the benefits of a Matterport 3D Showcase are:

  • syndication – through a partnership with your 3D Virtual Tour is viewable on all platforms, including mobile! Buyers will be able to find your listings, and visit the entire house without ever stepping foot in it!
  • Google Earth feature – Small businesses can benefit from appearing on Google Earth and allowing casual passersby to actually walk through their business. This is great for out of towners looking to “virtually vacation” to a location before actually going there! They can virtually visit your business and build hype before actually going there on their trip.
  • The 24/7 Open House – If I said you could have your house/business open to visitors 24/7/365 without any disruption to your or your clients, what would you say? Well that’s exactly what a 3D tour offers! People can visit whenever, wherever, and for however long they wish!
  • Full mobile compatibility – This is our favorite! Matterport 3D Showcases are fully viewable on any platform, including smartphones and tablets! We tried it, it works sooooo good!
  • Full-featured walkthrough – no other medium gives you such an immersive view of a property. You can literally walk through at your own pace. Matterport 3D Showcase is the BEST way to show off a property.
  • Embed multimedia components – small businesses can benefit from adding videos, PDFs, web links, photos and more directly into their 3D tours.
  • Utilize new technologies like VR – by using Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream (with more coming soon!) we can give your clients complete immersion in a distant space. These new technologies are trendy, fun, and useful and the market for them is constantly growing!
  • Preserve Cultural Heritage Sites – I was first introduced to this technology in college while studying Anthropology and Archaeology for my BA. We discussed the possibilities of using VR to preserve cultural heritage sites which won’t always be around. ProLocal donates time and resources to our local cultural heritage sites and help preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Countless Applications And Growing

As we mentioned earlier, virtual reality IS the future. The industry is growing quickly and virtually visiting remote locations is gaining popularity daily. Many companies are seeing exponential growth using VR technology. We can’t overstate how excited we are to be in early with VR. We hope to work with you soon to recreate some incredible spaces!


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