Bad Weather Can’t Stop Us

It’s inevitable that you’ll have a client wanting their house to go live ASAP, but you’re worried bad weather will ruin your photo shoot. We hear it all the time, agents ask us if they can reshoot or offer to shoot their own exteriors when the weather clears up. But ProLocal doesn’t play that game! We’re here for you, no matter what!

Does it look like there’s going to be bad weather approaching when we’re scheduled for your shoot? No problem! We’ll come out and do what we can so you can go live when you need to go live and we will even come back later on when the weather has cleared up to provide you with a better photo if needed – at no extra charge. That’s part of our promise at ProLocal to provide the best quality images you we can and help agents be successful.

Better Photos Mean Happier Clients!

When we’re shooting only exterior photos, we often times don’t even have to bother the sellers. We usually swing by, take a few exterior photos, and go on our way. Your clients will be impressed that you’ve gone through the extra trouble to bring your photographer back out and they’ll feel like they have been taken care of by an agent who really wants to sell their house!

If there are more services you think could help your business, always let us know! We’re constantly looking to add new services and features for our agents!