Frequently Asked Questions

ProLocal answers some of the questions we get often.
Why ProLocal?

Studies have shown that professional photography sells listings. Many realtors opt to take their own photos on their phones or point and shoot cameras, which in turn causes the MLS systems to be full of horrible photos. When our realtors ask us to photograph their homes, they get a competitive advantage when potential buyers are intrigued by the photos that stand out – the professional photos. Humans are visual beings, and much more likely to pay attention when something catches their eye. By creating high quality photos and employing unique tools like aerial drone photography, we can capture the attention you’re looking for!

How quickly can you come out to shoot my project?

Generally speaking, with residential properties, we can come out with 24-72 hours notice, depending on how booked we are. For commercial properties or larger projects, we may need to schedule a photo shoot further out than that.

How many photos do we receive?

At ProLocal, we don’t like to limit ourselves. Let’s be honest, in the digital age, a couple extra photos aren’t anything more than a little more work and we know that! We know you’re allowed to add 25 photos to your MLS listing, and we want to try as hard as we can to not only meet that number, but pass it to give you as many options as you’d like. Of course, we’re more than happy to do the work for you and cull down to exactly 25 photos if you want!

However, with that said, sometimes a home just isn’t large enough to justify so many images. We truly believe that quality is better than quantity and we’re more interested in getting your potential buyers to actually look at the photos, instead of meeting the arbitrary number MLS picked of 25 images. If your property is smaller, or doesn’t lend itself to the full set of 25 photos, we’d prefer to to do our best with what we have instead of double shooting angles and adding filler content that viewers have to shuffle through.

So, in short, at ProLocal we will capture as many photos as we can, without overdoing it.

How long will it take to get my photos?

For standard photos, turnaround time is generally 24-48 hours depending on how booked we are. We make every effort to get your photos to you as quickly as possible.

Do you edit the final photos?

Simply put, yes. By employing the methods we do to photograph your listings, we do extensive editing to the images. It’s not easy to balance colors, shadows and those bright windows!

What can I do with my final photos?

You can do pretty much anything with them! We don’t have any intention on selling you prints or selling stock images, so the photos are basically yours.

How will the final photos be delivered?

We deliver the photos through our website at where you can download the photos for free. They can be downloaded in standard of about 1200 pixels on the longest side. If you need higher resolution images than this, they are available on request.

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