Our TotalPro package is the top-of-the-line marketing pacakge. It includes everything: photography, 3D vitual tour, videography, and drone footage.


We start the package off right with high-end real estate photography!

Every photo is carefully lit and edited to make sure they all look fantastic for your listing. The outcome is really great photography that is sure to show your premium listings in the best possible light. Literally!

By using off-camera lighting, we’re able to control the conditions and provide more true-to-life colors. It makes every room feel bright and welcoming and can really create a space that draws people in.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Next we create a true VIRTUAL tour with a 3D Walkthrough. 

Once we’ve caught the attention of your buyers, we entice them to walk the entire property with a Matterport virtual tour. This is the true virtual tour experience. Digital visitors can walk through each room, see multiple angles and views, and even take measurements in virtual reality. 

Under the right conditions, we can include some outdoor spaces and embed other content (like the video tour included this package) so your buyers have a truly immersive experience with your listing.

Real Estate Video Tour

Reach more buyers with a video tour aimed at slightly different demographics. 

In our experiences, Matterport tours and video tours appeal to different demographics. While some people prefer to tour themselves, others like to be shown the property. Video tours are great for doing just that, they give a property an incredibly premium feel like something you’d see on HGTV.

The power of the TotalPro package is that includes everything, so where some buyers may not interact with the Matterport, perhaps they will with the video tour. Additionally, video tours are fantastic in places where Matterport isn’t, such as Facebook, Instagram, and of course YouTube! These video tours increase your reach even more and they are sure to rope in even more eyes!

Aerial Drone Footage

And finally we put the drone up!

Aerial drone photography and videography is the perfect way to cap off your TotalPro package. We use the drone video to supplement the video tour and provide a sense of context for the neighborhood or property. The aerial drone photos are also a fantastic addition to the photo gallery on your listing.

We’re licensed, insured and NCDOT permitted to legally fly commercial projects, and we have experience getting automated authorization to fly in the Class B airspace for Charlotte-Douglass airport in downtown Charlotte as well as manually-submitted authorization to fly near Concord regional in neighborhoods like Skybrook. No matter what your property looks like, we’re ready and excited to fly it!

Packages For Every Listing

The TotalPro Package

Featuring photography, Matterport, videography, and aerial drone footage, the TotalPro is the full package. In addition to all these services, we provide free branded and unbranded listing pages so you can include all of the content on MLS. Branded pages can be sent out via agent mailing lists, social media, or other methods.