Virtual Floor Plans

Let Buyers Tour Your Listing With A Virtual Floor Plan!

Virtual floor plans are growing in popularity in the Charlotte real estate market, and for good reason! They are a fantastic way to show potential buyers where each room is located in the grand layout of a house. ProLocal offers detailed virtual floor plans which can be made with your existing floor plan drawings. If you have a Matterport tour done with us as well, we can use the floor plan generated by the 3D tour!

Why use a virtual floor plan? The biggest reason is to foster buyer interest or capture new buyers. As you know, most real estate transactions start online these days. With a virtual floor plan, buyers can tour your listing photos by room. If they’re particularly interested in where a room is in relation to another, the virtual floor plan is perfect for clarifying. They can see which rooms are located where in the house, and how those rooms are laid out in relation to each other. Additionally, virtual floor plans are still somewhat uncommon in the real estate marketing industry, so it’s yet another opportunity to stand out to potential sellers and offer something unique!

Our virtual floor plans are customizable to your listing. While our default floor plans are prefect for any listing, we can make minor changes to make sure the floor plan fits your intended use! Whether you want to show multiple views per room, or cull the collection to only the best images and most interesting rooms, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch today to add a virtual floor plan to your next listing!

Virtual floor plans are FREE with any of our packaged services, and can be offered for a fee for all other photoshoots. Floor plans can be hosted on info pages or as a standalone service.

Let's Make A Floor Plan

We’ll take the photos and place them on your floor plan drawing and help your next listing stand out in the crowd!