About ProLocal

ProLocal was started in 2013 after the founder, Kyle Scharf, as getting too busy shooting listings for local agents. As the need for real estate photography grew, we began adding services to help agents better market and sell their listings under the belief that our success would come from the success of our clients. We wanted to make photography as accessible for agents as possible and tried to do so by offering rewards for working with us often and referring friends. We were happy to shoot for free for our best clients and they were happy to spread the word.

Our intuition was correct and ProLocal grew quickly, we brought on more photographers and eventually added more services for commercial real estate and architecture clients. We’ve since relocated Charlotte, NC, and focus on providing photography and videography as well as marketing tools for small businesses and real estate companies. Since the move we’ve started adding new photographers to help out more agents in Charlotte and, now, Greenville, SC. ProLocal is always working hard to add as much value as possible to your photography experience, and recently we’ve done so by providing marketing tips for our clients, adding totally new features to their shoots like our agent portal and listing pages, and try to keep up with each agent to make sure their marketing needs are met. If there’s anything you need, just let us know!

Fast Turnaround

Our standard real estate turnaround is 24 hours or less. Same-day turnaround can be guaranteed with a small upgrade fee. We know the market moves fast and the best pros are the ones who move quickest!

Custom Photography

We’ve worked hard to develop custom photography services from the way we work with our clients all the way down to how we edit our images. With an emphasis on creating the most natural-looking real estate photography possible, we’re always experimenting with new ways to make your images POP!


Led by well over a decade of professional photography experience, ProLocal photographers have the knowledge and access to expert advice they need at all times. Whether they’re planning for a big shoot or on the job, results are never far away.

Weather Guarantee

Bad weather on the day we’re scheduled to shoot? No problem! ProLocal is proud to offer a great weather guarantee. If the weather turns sour on your shoot day and we’re unable to shoot the exterior, we will come back on a better day and reshoot the exteriors. We know how important it is to go live fast, and we do anything to facilitate that.

The ProLocal Team

Kyle Scharf

Lead Photographer, Editor | Charlotte, NC

Lucien Edwards

Photographer, Contributor | Charlotte, NC

Noah Newsome

Photographer, Regional Manager | Greenville, SC